Jungle Heat Cheats 2014

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Jungle Heat is a free downloadable battle game that you can play on your iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The play field is a tropical jungle full of oil and gold deposits under the control of ruthless General Blood. Playing this game that involves having your own military base complete with your solders gives you the opportunity to enter the battle field to fight for the wealth in the jungle. With Jungle Heat cheats the game is even more interesting.


Jungle Heat cheatsYou play the game by attacking other players who also have their own military bases and solders. The game is in levels and you need to only graduate to the next level, which also gives you more fighting power by winning at a level. The trick here is to upgrade to level 2, an upgrade that unlocks spies that you can use to obtain information on enemy military bases. A good trick when you have the ability to attack other bases is to send in slashers first to destroy watchtowers and cannons of your enemy. It is only after this that you can send your spies to carry out the actual raid.

You can effectively use your slashers and spies to destroy an enemy base. However, positioning your troops in the vicinity of an enemy base can be counter-productive. Again the trick here is to upgrade to level 3. Doing so unlocks Riflemen who can attack a base from a distance and hit air targets such as defensive drones at the same time. Upgrading to level 4 unlocks Gunners that are very effective in destroying such protected structures as watchtowers and cannons. However, Gunners can only destroy targets on the ground. You therefore need to upgrade to level 5, which unlocks Bombers that do not only destroy enemy walls but blow up a base before disappearing.

While upgrading to level 6 unlocks Hornets that fly over walls before destroying ground targets with bombs, level 7 unlocks Pyros. These are flamethrowers that are very effective in burning up close enemy targets both on the ground and air. Being able to reach level 8 unlocks the valuable Nurse who treats your injured troops. Level 9 unlocks a helicopter, the Black Hawk that is capable of destroying a military base in an instant. Upgrading to level 10 unlocks for you the Ion Storm that is not only hard to spot by the enemy but has massive power that can flatten a military base.


Jungle Heat is a very thrilling game so long as you have mastered all Jungle Heat cheats and tricks. The following tips should come in handy:

  • Always ensure that your troops are in a circular formation when they approach an enemy base. This is because your enemy is likely to place mines around the base. Troops moving in a circular format can also not be destroyed by fire from an enemy’s watchtower. Doing so also speeds up the game, which allows you to return to your base and organize another raid quickly.
  • Hornets are very effective in quick battles. For this reason, send them to an enemy base first before gunners and riflemen.
  • Instead of one base, consider establishing more bases. This makes it possible to use some bases as training grounds to increase your troop numbers.
  • Upgrade is the only way to play Jungle Heat Game successfully. Upgrade both your base(s) and command center often.
  • Do not overlook any attack on your base, however light in can be. Respond swiftly by revenging on the attacker. Doing so will not only take you higher on the scoreboard; it will also show that you are active and therefore better placed to receive a generous award.


There are a number of benefits that you derive from playing Jungle Heat Game. They include:

  • Killing boredom – You will never get bored when playing the game. It is not only enticing but also very engaging.
  • Therapy – Like with any other online or downloadable game, playing Jungle Heat Game has therapeutic benefits. Indeed, those with such conditions as depression can benefit greatly by simply playing the game.
  • Development of motor skills – Playing the game develops motor skills particularly on the part of teenagers.
  • Improved decision-making skills – This is one of the great benefits that you derive from playing the game. It is not only your decision-making skills that improve; your memory becomes sharp as well.